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People have to be far more than just excellent “educated experts” if they want to succeed in today’s world. They must possess a profound knowledge about and be competent in interpersonal communication. It is no secret that individuals having this skill will attain their desired goals.

In this globalization and closed-markets era, it is vital to know what the key aspects are to maintain a life-long business relationship. And some of these are: operating income, economic prosperity, finding and retaining loyal customers, dedicated and enthusiastic employees, time management, health, and having fun in life.

On Course & Partner is a communications organization, specializing in meeting the immediate needs of people in: businesses and proactive individuals with interests in personal development. A company’s performance record dramatically increases when they place their confidence in us. It is success through human beings.

Assertive companies thinking in terms of profit, of leaving the competition behind, and a wide array of other successes, invest their time into Seminars and Consultations for the following areas:

Personality development
Leadership skills
Team building skills,
Presentation and moderation skills,
Customer orientation,
Fair conversation techniques
Negotiation techniques
Conflict management
Efficient selling strategies
Individual Department Topics

Since 1989 On Course & Partner has been training and empowering people and institutions. Our seminars and tailored coaching programmes efficiently navigate and put you on the right track so you can achieve your job-related and personal goals.

Some of our clients are:

BMW Bank, Munich, Germany
BMW AG Munich, Dingolfing, Regensburg
Industrial Chamber of commerce – Academy for Munich and Bavaria, Germany
Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Lörrach
Volkswagen Bank, Braunschweig und Ingolstadt

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On Course & Partner®
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Simply stated:
On Course & Partner brings personalities on a custom-designed course that leads to success!